Guest Presentations


Rebecca Green Gasper is available for educational presentations and motivational speeches on anit-bullying, cyber-bullying, teen datinga buse, teen violence, and other teen tough issues. She is alos available for presentations on the writing process, publishing, and book marketing.

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Here is a list of possible presentations: Rebecca Green Gasper is not limited to these presentations and can tailor any presentation towards the needs of your class, organization, or conference.

Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships (Leadership/Relationship)

1:3 teens will be in an abusive relationship before they graduate from high school. Learn the signs of abuse, how to maintain a healthy relationship, and how to get out of an abusive one. This talk can be tailored for coaches, teachers, parents, and teens.

Speak Out Against Bullying and/or Dating Abuse- (Relationship/Tough Issues)

Speak Out Against: Bullying and Dating Abuse- Get the facts about bullying and learn what you can do to stand up and speak out. Also, understand the difference between a healthy and an abusive relationship. Know that love shouldn't hurt.

Motivational Talks- (Teen Tough Issues)

Any type of motivation talk or presentation on the facts, signs and other in regards to teen dating abuse, bullying, teen violence, and other teen tough issues.

Virtual Book Tours- (Online Marketing)

Book selling is shifting from in-store to online and knowing how to get the word out about your new release and market online is crucial. Learn how to create an effective virtual book tour with a strong theme and unique posts, and tour the world all from your living room.

Creating an Author Brand that Sticks- (Marketing)

Creating an effective author brand can give you a major edge in successfully marketing your work. Your brand is your promise to your readers. Learn how to build a memorial image that readers will talk about by developing a strong, emotional platform that is unique to you.

Tackling the Tough and Potentially Controversial Topics- (Genre Writing)

Exploring tough subjects can be uncomfortable and sometimes controversial; therefore it’s important to know how to speak directly to your readers about real-life concerns without lecturing. Learn how to create powerful and intense situations that are believable and honest and create content that is artistic and critical to the story.

Self-publishing on a Dime- (Self-Publishing/Buisness)

This presentation with emphasize popular online tools and sites that can help you self-publish your work without spending much money. You will learn key self-publishing approaches, how to use online resources, and how to create effective online marketing and promotion plans.

Building Stronger Storylines that Sell- Are You Missing a Beat?- (Craft of Writing)

Stories vary greatly but they all contain certain necessary parts. The trick to creating dynamic stories starts with core ideas but will fall short if it’s missing major plot points or the plot points are incorrectly timed. We will discuss how to build a stronger story by learning about story beats and timing.