YA Fiction and Historical Fiction

Break From You


(YA Contemporary, tough issues, fiction & literature, romance) 

He loves her so much it hurts...

Brooke Myers can’t do it anymore. She knows it has to end. Yet every time her boyfriend, Drew says, “I love you,” she folds and allows herself to overlook the pain, isolation, and fear he has caused her. She wants to believe she has it all- the perfect guy, the perfect image, the perfect life. She knows what he’s doing is wrong but she can’t let go.

With the pain of a concussion reminding her of how bad things can get, Brooke is finally determined to end her relationship with Drew, but she doesn’t get the chance. A fire roars through the restaurant the night of homecoming dinner, and a boy she’s never met comes to her rescue. She ends up forming an instant bond with him and discovers what true love can be.

But when wishes are made and the realization that nothing- not even tragedy- can break her from Drew, she’s forced to find herself. Can she trust her feelings, her friends, and a boy who knows how to treat her right? Or will she completely lose herself in Drew’s controlling hold?

Brooke once believed love was all it took...but is love enough? Is it truly love when you lose yourself in it?

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(Contemporary young adult, literature, social issues, violence, prejudges)

Caton Hernandez has never felt so alone, and he’s used to being alone. His single mother is never around, and when she is, she is either passed-out or strung-out. He also keeps to himself in his neighborhood south of the high school where kids hang in groups just to survive and violence runs high. He does his best to stay out of trouble, and one day, he’ll get out and make something of himself.

Yet, somehow Caton’s managed to get caught up in a major mess and finds himself in the middle of a conflict between the South Boys and the Westies. Two people have been shot, one of them his girlfriend, and he and a couple of boys from his neighborhood have been arrested for the crime. He’s in deep, he’s alone, and he needs someone to believe in him.

But when the state sends him to the Denver Youth Correctional Center and the DA wants to push for a transfer to adult court, Caton quickly learns how fast others are to judge him solely on his home life, his mother, and the neighborhood he’s grown up in. He knows he can’t do this on his own, but will he be able to get someone to listen in time? Or will Caton have to give up before having the chance to fight for his freedom?

He believes. No, he knows he’s been wronged, but will anyone else believe him? Or is he in this alone?

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